Simplify Your Application Development 


Accelerate Application Delivery with
Pinnacle Business Systems and Red Hat OpenShift


Join us to learn how the Red Hat® OpenShift® toolset enhances your abilities to deliver legacy application, containerized applications in a single or multi-cloud environment. During these 2 free workshops, we will share the basics of OpenShift and how to build apps with speed, agility, and confidence.



Basics of OpenShift Workshop

Wed., March 10
10:30 - 11:30 AM CST


DevOps Foundation + OpenShift Workshop

Wed., March 24
9 AM - 12 PM CST

#1 - Basics of OpenShift Workshop


March 10, 2021
10:30 - 11:30 AM CST  ( Virtual Event )

This 1-hour webinar shares how to build a multi-cloud application platform to move your business into the future with the leading open-source standards.

In this webinar, we will show you how to use Red Hat OpenShift to illustrate how the OpenShift toolkits give you simplicity and control in managing your application deployments. In this short hour, you’ll learn how OpenShift streamlines and simplifies IT operations, the development of modernized applications, the delivery of new services, and how to accelerate that entire process.

All attendees will receive a $25 GRUBHUB gift card during the webinar so you’ll have time to order lunch on us!


Skill Gain:

  • Developers quickly and easily create applications on-demand directly from the tools they use most, while operations still have full control over the entire environment
  • Users run both existing stateful applications and cloud-native stateless applications using persistent storage
  • OpenShift Streamlines and automates application builds, deployments, scaling, and health management
  • To easily run Applications created on OpenShift Container Platform anywhere that supports containers
  • Developers run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases, all on the same platform with ease

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#2 - DevOps Foundation + OpenShift


March 24, 2021
9 AM - 12 PM CST  ( Virtual Event )

In this 3-hour instructor-led workshop, we will discuss how containers solve many of the challenges for development and operations. We will show you how to start taking advantage of the cloud, without rewriting all of your existing applications. The workshop will explain how OpenShift can improve speed, scalability, security, innovation and cost to your IT organization.



  • Discover why customers are running OpenShift Understand how applications run as containers
  • Learn techniques to build and deploy applications using source code, dockerfile, and binaries and zero downtime deployments
  • Understand how different applications run as containers e.g. , Java, php, go, NET, etc
  • Find out how to build and deploy a Java EE application from GitHub to OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)
  • Learn how JBoss EAP runs on OpenShift and the concepts related to its building, deployment and execution
  • Understand how to containerize legacy applications Deploy multi-tiered application


Skill Gain: 

This workshop will teach you how to simplify application development. It will provide attendees with the tools to simplify their operations by increasing efficiency with automated operations without sacrificing stability.

Attendees will be in a better position to bring new products to market faster and stay ahead of competition with a platform that allows long-term innovation.



Registration is required to attend. You are not required to attend both workshops, though it is recommended. Once you register, an email confirmation with virtual attendee links will be sent to your inbox (please check SPAM folder if you do not see the confirmation).

If you have any questions contact your Pinnacle Account Executive or email